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The history of the bag
13 Jun

The history of the bag

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Ever wondered about the history of the bag?
In fact, the story of the handbag begins in the Middle Ages, when women's clothing was worn with pockets sewn into the petticoat, while a slit on the outside of the garment provided access to it. Women then used to put objects in these pockets, which were usually made of materials and fabrics such as linen or cotton. In fact, these "special" pockets were under several layers of clothing, which made them difficult to manage. This is why the need for an outer bag has been created, a bag closer to what we have in mind today. In fact, we find the earliest references to the 14th century when the Egyptians used a bag that looked more like a bag tied around the waist. The richer someone was, the more designs the bag had on it, indicating how wealthy one was at the time. Around the 16th century, the first leather bags appeared, originally used by travelers to facilitate their journeys. Their size was quite large and basically worn casually. Subsequently, they are now an integral part of women's appearances and a luxurious addition to impressive dresses, while also mirroring social status.
The 17th century is more pivotal, as the bags are now shrinking in size, changing the shape and materials used to create them. Men start getting used to them. After the war of the 40s, bags are rapidly expanding after being sold in the market made of various materials such as metal, different skins, mirrors, etc. The zipper gains ground just like the handles. The European fashion industry, celebrities and designers are taking the lead and leading the way. In 1960 we reach the climax of this creative process that gives the bag a character of artwork. It is no coincidence that the first imitation appears in this decade. In the 20th century, the evolution of handbag design evidences social evolution and women's independence with envelope-shaped bags to accompany busy ladies at work or small and elegant in their evening appearances.

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